Lantern Rite

A Genshin-Inspired Festival | Sunday, January 28th, 2024
Grapevine Convention Center

Welcome, Traveler!THANK YOU for attending Lantern Rite 2024! We hope to see you at another event!*Please note, we are NOT affiliated with Windblume, which is run by Fandom Events. We are just a small fan group who likes hosting events! Please contact Fandom Events about Windblume.

11am (Badge Pickup Starts)
Noon - 8pm (General Attendee hours)
Noon - 10pm (VIP Attendee Hours)
On-Site Registration Closes at 5pm.

Brat Prince Productions
DFW Host Club

* This event is not sponsored or an official mihoyo event.

What to expect at Lantern Rite

Convention Hours:11am (Badge Pickup)Noon - 8pm (general Attendee)8pm - 10pm (VIPs ONLY)

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Welcome, Traveler!
Join us for year two and participate in all manner of quests, games, activities, and more!
Lantern Rite is MORE than just a convention! It is a full LARP (Live Action Roleplay) experience for the brave at heart! You can choose to participate in our side quests (and win prizes!), or you can simply enjoy the day like a regular convention. The festival is packed with vendors with Genshin Impact merchandise, a dedicated photo op room, and two activity rooms with festival games and arts and crafts!So CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH, and come swing by Lantern Rite this year in Grapevine!

The Teyvat Travel Guide will be your booklet and lifeline throughout the event. Inside will be instructions on how to do your quests, your stamp booklet for earning prizes, and more! It also will work as an awesome keepsake for when you return home, filled with memories of your day of questing!All extra activities (such as festival games) will cost you Mora to play. And yes, these will be real life, in your hands, gold mora coins to make your Genshin experience all the more real! You can spend Mora on Lantern Rite-hosted things only (so for example, they won't work with the artists in artist alley). Use them on Festival Games, buying extra Wishes or Pity, Lantern Rite raffles, and more!

What will I see at lantern rite?

So, What is there to do at Lantern Rite?

- Watch Performances & Panels
Support various local artists & their performances on stage!
- Scavenger Hunt
Fill your Teyvat Travel Guide with achievements and earn wishes (gacha-style prize pulls). go on real-life quests on your own or with a group!
-Hunt down Slimes
All over the venue are slimes that need to be taken care of--and only you and your crew can stop them! Participate for prizes and wishes!
- Play Festival Games
-You can win prizes by playing various games including our pachinko station!
- Visit our Guests!
For the first time, Lantern Rite will have featured guests! Come visit, ask for autographs or selfies, and more!
- Shop at the Market!
With both talented local artists and vendors showcasing their wares, there will be no shortage of fun shopping to do!
- Photo-ops & Polaroids
Come take some selfies or polaroids and create your own memories at our toploader decorating station!
- Lantern Rite Banquet
Enjoy dinner and a show performed by the DFW Host Club to conclude the event at Lantern Rite! AVAILABLE FOR VIPS ONLY!

What Kind of Adventure will YOU have?

Get your ticket now and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


We're proud to announce the following guests to Lantern rite 2024

PAUL CASTRO JR. is the voice of freminet in the newest region of fontaine! you can also find him as rindo in neo: the world ends with you as well as dragon in the animated movie "belle"!

Hailing from Oxnard, California, Patrick Pedraza is a Latino Voice Actor currently best known for voicing the highly anticipated character Scaramouche on the game Genshin Impact. Patrick considers himself a versatile VA as he’s been the voice of Good Luck Bear on the Care Bears series since 2018 and has voiced other characters such as Yun on Crunchyroll’s Onyx Equinox, Sandy and Gus on Brawlstars and, Carlos Kitbash from Rescue Heroes. Patrick grew up in the punk scene and was a drummer in many bands that toured across the country. He still writes songs and sings in his dad punk band “Dad Brains” but Voice Acting is his main passion.

SVATTI is a talented cosplayer, streamer, and photographer, as well as a part of the infamous weeb chapel on youtube! You can experience their unique brand of charm as zhongli at lantern rite 2024, so come swing by!

venture bros cosplay is a poc cosplayer that has guested with comventions such as colassalcon and dreamcon! He has also collaborated with companies like viz meda, nickelodeon, and shounen jump.

Joei Wanko is a talented cosplayer and v-tuber that you can find on all corners of the internet. Check him out below!

Trembling bambi is joining us as a cosplay judge this year! With talents in wig-making and prop creation, we are excited to have them at Lantern rite 2024 this year!

joining us as a guest judge for the Lantern Rite cosplay contest is comfiicutie! They are an award-winning cosplayer that has been featured in cosplay realm magazine and webtoon!

joining us as a guest judge for the Lantern Rite cosplay contest is Skylinestars cosplay! An award-winning cosplayer, skylinestars has a knack for cosplay tutorials and patterns you can check out!



Check out the below posts to learn the schedules for the Main Stage and Panels to plan out your day at Lantern Rite!

game start

Welcome, traveler!Join us for a day filled with adventure as we celebrate lantern rite!

-EARLY BADGE PICKUP OFFSITE-You can pick up your badge a day early at ONEZO Bubble Tea Shop in Carrollton! We will be available that Saturday from open to close for badge pickup! Remember to bring your QR Code with you to pick up badges and your Teyvat Travel Guide Early (and an ID just in case). VIPS will also get their swag bag early as well, but make sure to check inside for goodies that can help you DURING your adventure!

-PARKING-Parking is FREE, so make sure to grab the best space if you can! There is overflow parking as well at the Grapevine Public Library located behind the convention center.

-Check-in-CHECK IN STARTS AT 11am!Registration is in the lobby of Grapevine Event Center. You will need your SimpleTix QR Code and valid ID for check-in to receive your badge and Teyvat Travel Guide.IMPORTANT: If you lose your Teyvat Travel Guide you will have to pay a fee of $5 to get another one! So DON'T LOSE it and be sure to store it in a safe place when not using it.On-Site Badge Purchases CLOSE at 5pm. If you have already bought a ticket online, you can pick it up until the end of General Attendee convention hours, which is 8pm.

What To DoThere are several things to do at Lantern Rite to make the most of the festival! Consult your Teyvat Travel Guide for more information!Slime Hunt: Check out your Teyvat Travel Guide Slime Hunt page for how to play and win wishes!World Quests: Complete the world quests to win wishes and navigate the convention!Performances & Events: From Idol perfomances, Voice Actor Q&A, and Cosplay Contest, there is no shortage of entertainment on the Main Stage. There are shows almost every half hour!Shopping: Check out the Lantern Rite Bazaar to shop all of the cool vendors and their Genshin Impact merchandise! You can also complete the Lantern Rite Stamp Rally to win an additional reward!Festival Games & Activity Center: Whether you want to win every Festival Game to win prizes or spend a day coloring and making crafts, you'll find various fun activities in our Festival Game Room and our Activity Center!Photo Ops: You can not only grab awesome selfies in our photo op room, but you can also create and decorate cute poloroids to take home in Madame Ping's Teapot.

Need Extra Help?You can return to Registration and speak to Xinyan, the Event Coordinator, for anything you might need.We hope you enjoy your time at Lantern Rite 2024!

Icons by Freepix

slime hunt

how to play
Gather up your party (or go solo) on this slime hunting adventure!
your teyvat travel guide contains a page dedicated just to slime hunting! hunt around the venue to find all of the slimes. you can win up to two wishes if you manage to find all of them!once you have found as many as possible, return to the prize booth to claim your prize. However, once you collect your prizes for the slime hunt, you can't go hunting again, so make sure you find as many as possible before turning your sheet in.good luck, traveler!

World Quests

hello, traveler!
Ready to start your adventure?
make sure you have your adventurer's handbook! This sheet is your guide to getting wishes during the event to get pulls for character prizes!Reading the character page
Game wins:
you can play festival games and win pulls. note that games cost additional money to play.
you can earn pity stamps in several different ways. pity allows you to attempt wish repulls to better your chances of getting favored prizes. learn how to gain pity later on in this guide.
1 - 15
You must complete 9 of 10 grey numbered stamps to earn yourself a wish pull. some of these tasks are limited and only a certain amount of people can possibly complete it, so be fast when it comes to doing your tasks! the red tasks 11 - 15 are special tasks that get instant pulls! These can only be stamped by venti at headquarters, with the exception of number 11, which may be stamped by any character or npc.
Not happy with your prizes? come to the wish swap meet at 7pm at bpp film & fancy to trade prizes with other participants!if you lose your adventurer's handbook, you cannot get another one. so do not lose it under any circumstance!only characters and npcs wearing the quest marker icon can stamp your world quest page (see symbol below).


Hints are highlighted~1. Locate an empty alcohol bottle in one of the Lantern Rite Common Areas and return to Venti.2. Take a picture of the Main Stage Primogem3. Write and Deliver an Official Love Note to any character or npc. read it outloud. the character must accept your love note to win the stamp, so do your very best!4. Post a story about Lantern Rite on Instagram and Tag @bppfilmfancy and @dfw.hostclub5. Create a minimum of 30 second Tiktok about Lantern Rite and tag @bppfilmfancy in it!
Purchase a polaroid and decorate it at the toploader station
6. Film a short clip of one of the main stage performances7. Color a picture at the coloring station and show it off to any character or npc. they must love your artwork for you to get a stamp, so do your best!8. Create your very own lantern utilizing at least two colors and hand drawn decoration.9. Have three different characters stamp your lantern and show it off to either childe or an npc.10. Make 3 paper wishing stars and film yourself turning one into the bard's jar, give another to a character who accepts it, and keep one for yourself to remember your wonderful day.-
If you complete a red task, immediately come to headquarters to do your pull and ensure you get a prize!
11. buy any character or npc a food or drink item. must consult with character first and adhere to their request.12. adopt a cat at the charming cat corner13. buy $30 worth of merchandise at bpp film & fancy14. buy $100 worth of merchandise at anime yankii15. fill out the genshin impact lantern rite festival survey only after 3pm. check your email at 6:30pm to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

Earn PityYou can use pity to redraw to try to get a better prize, OR, pull a prize twice and keep your favorite!You can earn pity by doing any of the following:1. tipping the primogem (find the qr code at bpp film & fancy).2.making any purchase at anime yankii (ask them to stamp your pity!)3. making any purchase at bpp film & fancy (ask them to stamp your pity!)4.doing favors for venti... hmm...


Please make note of these rules for attending the convention. breaking these rules can result in your badge being revoked and being asked to leave the convention. Please note these rules can be added to at any point.COVID-19 Policy
BRING A MASK, JUST IN CASE. Vendors, panelists, and guests are permitted to ask you to wear a mask during their events or meet and greets if they require it, so BRING A MASK so you are able to enjoy every aspect of the event! No refunds will be given in you are unable to attend something you paid for because you did not bring a mask with you.
1. Young children should not be left unattended.
2. Discriminatory or demeaning speech or behavior is not permitted.3. Harassment of any kind is not permitted.4. ANY unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to stalking, unwanted photography, unwanted physical contact, or intimidation is not permitted.5. There is to be no removal of any decoration or signage by Lantern Rite or the Convention Center.-COSPLAY/ATTIRE RULES
1. No live steel weapons are permitted.
2. No firearms are permitted. This includes BB, cap guns, airsoft guns, etc.3. If it can be mistaken for a real gun, is it not permitted in the convention center. This includes realistic gun props with brightly colored caps.4. No water guns, silly string, glitter bombs, vuvuzelas, or fire.5. Lantern Rite is an all ages event. Costumes that fall outside of canon Genshin cosplay must cover the buttocks, lower genitals, and nipples. Bare chests, however, on biological men and transmen who have undergone top surgery is allowed. Men must wear dance belts if wearing spandex outfits.6. No bare feet are permitted.7. No cosplay or attire can be wore that are associated with Nazis or any hate groups. PERIOD.

become part of lantern rite!

All positions have been filled.
Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you at the festival on January 28th!